How to quit your job the right way

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Quitting a job can be a delicate time – and there is a right way to do it … I’ve had to do it in the past and there’s some steps you can take to ensure that you make a clean break.

Why is “quitting right” important?

  • You need good references – You’ll need this for your new job, or future jobs to come! Remember this.
  • Retain your network and relationships – Your network is important and as you move company, this is a great opportunity to grow your network, however it won’t grow if you drop a hand grenade in your old work before you go!
  • Know why you’re doing it – When you find a new job, they’ll want to know why you quit, so you better be prepared with a solid answer and “I don’t know” really isn’t going to cut – you’re going to need to be clear on why you quit and what it is you want.

When I moved into London I started my career with a small start-up company – they were so small that my interview with them was at a hotel since they didn’t even have anywhere to operate out of!

Yes – it crossed my mind how risky this was and whether or not these guys were serious, however they proved they were serious with their impressive backgrounds and everything they were sacrificing and leaving behind in order to build this new business of theirs.

However – due to the nature of the business it grew into a different business quite quickly and became something that wasn’t aligned with my goals and I felt like it was holding me back. I loved the guys I worked with, but the time came to move on, and because of the speed in which the business was changing the time to move on came around very quickly … Just 11 months to be precise!


3 steps to ensure a clean break

  • Don’t blame anyone – Things don’t work out and when it’s time to move on, you’ve got to prevent yourself from wanting to blame someone or something for how it didn’t work out. Rather than seeing it as a blame game – see it for what it is and that it was a stepping stone on your journey. Failures are just as important as successes and you can learn a lot from not getting what you want or thought you needed.
  • Be grateful – This is not just to thank your employer for the time, but every job has been an opportunity to grow. Come to terms with the fact that you’re moving on and still be thankful for the experience … however make sure you’re honestly thankful, you don’t want to come across false.
  • Write out your thoughts – This isn’t just great for quitting your job, but any time you feel very emotional. It’s a really good idea to sit down and write out exactly how you’re feeling, sometimes having a conversation with someone can lead to you going off in tangents and you end up leaving and kicking yourself thinking “Damn, I didn’t say what I needed to!”. Don’t leave it up to change – be prepared! Write a letter, an email or even just some notes before you have a discussion, just whatever you do take the time to think over what it is you want to say.

Question: What are some of the things you’ve done to ensure a clean break when you’ve had to quit a job?

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