The 4 Principles Of Remarkable Individuals

After reading countless books, blogs and through studying key influencers and individuals I managed to distill what makes individuals truly remarkable.

This idea can then be applied to improvement of your own career, starting a business, becoming an influential individual and leading to general increases in purpose and fulfilment.

A note on principles vs tactics – In the site I blog about different tactics – but a lot of these relate back to these 4 principles.

The tactics may change and adjust – but the principles remain true

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  1. Platform – The individual can be discovered as related to their proficiency.
  2. Proficiency – The individual is proficient, skilled and a master in their subject area.
  3. Proposition – The individual has a clear purpose / uniqueness.
  4. Principal – The individual is the leader of a group, no matter how small or niche.

Attributes of the model

  1. Cyclical – It can be started at any time, the earlier it is started the better
  2. No Determined Start Point – The start can begin with any principle
  3. Balance – Without improvements in all areas – velocity slows

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